- The fastest and most efficient way to synchronize your payroll data
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At Coastal Software and Consulting, we put a strong emphasis on customer service that results in happy customers. Rest assured that your questions and concerns will be addressed in a timely fashion, allowing you to keep your payroll process running smoothly.

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  Payroll Time Export is the fastest and most efficient way to synchronize your payroll data

Payroll Time Export™ are data bridges between your accounting package and ADP® payroll services that results in time savings and a reduction in keystroke errors through the elimination of double entry.

Call us and tell us which accounting package you use, and we’ll guide you to the version of Payroll Time Export™ that’s right for you. We’ll work closely with you through the entire implementation process to assure your successful use of the data bridge. Our service includes analysis of your existing systems, implementation of the data bridge, customization as needed, all necessary training, and continuing support.

You can install Payroll Time Export™, and be up and running in no time. We’ll work with you and your staff to migrate and configure existing data both quickly and easily. We’ll also work with you to provide any necessary customization to ensure smooth and easy operation.

With Payroll Time Export™ you won’t be left "holding the bag" with software that you don’t understand because we work to ensure that you’re comfortable with the program and then remain available to answer any questions that arise as you use it. Bottom line: You don’t need to be an IT professional to administer Payroll Time Export™!

Payroll Time Export™ is the result of over ten years of research. Since then organizations of all sizes throughout the United States have used the product with great success. Click here to read what some of them are saying about Payroll Time Export™.

Interested in learning more about our Payroll Time Export Solution? Just fill out our information request form or call us at 360-891-6174.





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