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Coastal Software's Consultants provide a variety of services to help customers fully integrate our solutions into their business processes. Our consultants can assist with the implementation and use of the software by evaluating your business and helping match the software’s capabilities to your company’s operations. Through their skilled assistance with project management, implementation planning, employee and management training, process re-engineering and system review, our consultants can help increase the return on your software investment.

System Consulting Services
Coastal Software’s System Consultants schedule and perform the installation of the your software. In addition, System Consultants provide additional support services after the initial installation that help secure the successful implementation of the systems technology. This can be particularly important if you do not have an IS staff.

Have specialized needs
Customization, as well as certified and union payroll reporting, are also available.

Need to set up your ADP employee master file records for the first time?
Save time and money - and ensure accuracy - with our synchronized Employee Data Conversion. Let us convert your existing accounting software's employee set-up information including year-to-date, quarter-to-date earnings, deductions and tax balances from your accounting software into ADP's master file.

For more information on Coastal Software's consulting services, contact Coastal Software at (360)891-6174, or e-mail us

If you are not using ADP as your Payroll Service, please contact us for our custom bridges to your Payroll Service.
(360)891-6174, or e-mail us



Payroll Time Export for Timberline Software

Payroll Time Export for ABRA HR

Payroll Time Export for QuickBooks

Payroll Time Export for Peachtree Accounting

Payroll Time Export for eTime

Payroll Time Export for American Contractor

Payroll Time Export for Pay eXpert

Payroll Time Export for BusinessWorks

Payroll Time Export for WinTeam

Payroll Data Conversion

Web Based Payroll Time Entry

Palm Pilot (PDA) Based Payroll Time Entry

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