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PTE for Timekeeper Central®

 A single-entry solution — because your time is valuable

With Payroll Time Export™ Time Import, transferring time entries, including Job Numbers, from Kronos' Timekeeper Central® (TKC) software to Timberline Gold Accounting Software is a snap.

Just as easy - if you directly enter your employee information into your accounting package, you can transfer your New Hires, and Labor Level Entry information into Timekeeper Central®.   

Eliminate double-entry and ensure accuracy.

Using Payroll Time Export Time Import, you can transfer...

Employee Time Entries
Transfer time entries from TKC to Timberline Gold's Payroll module.  Covers all standard payroll types (Regular, Overtime, Double Time, etc.) as well as departments, rates and job labor level entries (Job Number and Cost Code/Phase Code).

Detailed employee setup information
Transfer new hires including vacation and personal/sick accruals, and other required fields to TKC® from Timberline Gold's Payroll module.

Detailed Labor Level Entries information
Transfer newly entered information from your accounting software (Job Numbers, Departments, etc.) to Timekeeper Central's Labor Level tables.

System requirements

Kronos Timekeeper Central® Version 3A or higher
Timberline Gold version 5 or higher

Additional requirements:
Timberline's ODBC Driver - Required for Time Import - Employee Setup and Labor Level Setup

Pricing (One time fee includes software, setup and 30 day installation support)

PTE Time Import™ – Time Entries 
Single Company license - Starting at $995
Discounts available for multiple licenses

Transfer time entries including hours, rates, amounts and Job Numbers from TKC to Timberline's Payroll Module.

PTE Time Import™ – Employee Setup
Single Company license - Starting at $1,495
Discounts available for multiple licenses

Transfer newly hired employees from Timberline to TKC.

PTE Time Import™ – Labor Level Entries Setup
Single Company license - Starting at $995
Discounts available for multiple licenses

Transfer new Jobs, Cost Codes, Departments, etc. from Timberline to Timekeeper Central.

How to Order

Please call 360-891-6174 to order Payroll Time Export. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Corporate Checks. Please refer to our Refund/Return Policy before purchasing.


Client customizations are available.  Please call for quotation or email us at

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