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“We have processed over 800,000 payroll hours for our 500 man weekly construction payroll without a problem. We essentially forgot that it is a separate program. We would highly recommend the use of this system to anyone...”

John W. Oleson Kvaerner Industrial Constructors

“...the program has performed flawlessly. I would recommend them for your consideration in software development.”

Michael A. Schweizer, SPHR
Tilt-Con, Tilt-Up Constructors Corp.



 A single-entry solution — because your time is valuable

With Payroll Time Export™ (PTE), transferring payroll information from ALOHA POS into ADP PC/Payroll for Windows or Pay eXpert is a snap. Whether you have 30 employees or 3,000, and whether you do payroll weekly or semi-monthly, the process takes just minutes. That means big time savings to you, and double entry just became obsolete!

Using Payroll Time Export, you can transfer...

Unlimited Pay ID codes
Covers all standard payroll types as well as departments and temporary rates.

PTE for ALOHA POS – Payroll - Starting at $595.00
Just need to enter your payroll data to eliminate double-entry and ensure accuracy? PTE - Payroll transfers time entries from ALOHA POS into ADP PC/Payroll for Windows software in minutes.

How to Order

Note:  We work closely with you to make sure your installation is a smooth one.

Please call 360-891-6174 to order Payroll Time Export. We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Corporate Checks. Please refer to our Refund/Return Policy before purchasing.


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Payroll Data Conversion

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