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“I like it a lot, it only takes what seems like a second. It's really fast. PTE is definitely worth the money because it's time saving and effective. I think it's a good value...”

Judi Payseno Otto Rosenau and Associates


PTE for American Contractor

 A single-entry solution — because your time is valuable

With Payroll Time Export™ (PTE), transferring time entries from American Contractor or General Ledger entries from ADP PC/Payroll or Pay eXpert to American Contractor is a snap.

You can have it — brought directly over from ADP to your General Ledger without keying a thing… That means big time savings, accuracy, and double entry just became obsolete!

PTE for American Contractor - Time Entries
Need the power to do Job Costing/Labor Distribution to successfully run your business? Earnings, Taxes and Deductions need to be distributed to the correct Job Cost Centers. If you need to enter your time entries directly into American Contractor — PTE for Payroll is the answer.

  1. Enter your payroll information and create checks in American Contractor.
  2. Use PTE to do all the work for you transferring the time entries into ADP PC/Payroll or PayExpet for Windows for processing.

PTE for American Contractor - GL Summary
Specifically designed for the company that enters their payroll data into ADP and requires that the General Ledger be updated with ADP employer summary entries.

  1. Enter your time entries into ADP.
  2. Transmit your payroll to ADP.
  3. ADP will send your General Ledger employer summary entries.
  4. Use PTE to transfer the summary data into your General Ledger.

System requirements

American Contractor version 4 or higher
American Contractor's GL Import Module
ADP General Ledger Interface
ADP PC/Payroll for Windows or Pay eXpert

Pricing (One time fee includes software, setup and 30 day installation support)

PTE™ Time Import for American Contractor® - $795.00
Transfer time entries including hours, rates, amount, department and job number to ADP.

PTE™ for American Contractor – GL Summary $795
Imports General Ledger employer summary journal entries into American Contractor.

How to Order

Please call 360-891-6174 to order Payroll Time Export. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Corporate Checks. Please refer to our Refund/Return Policy before purchasing.


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