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Coastal Software's customer base is a diverse group of businesses. But one thing is for certain they have all added Payroll Time Export to their essential business processes. Read on to see what great things they have to say about Payroll Time Export™!

Kvaerner Industrial Constructors (KIC) purchased Coastal Software’s "Payroll Time Export™" bridge program to enable us to download Timberline® payroll data directly into ADP®. Since that time, we have processed over 800,000 payroll hours for our 500 man weekly construction payroll without a problem.

We found Mr. Deryk Marien to be extremely helpful in this conversion. At one point when we had made some internal changes that affected our payroll processing, Deryk dropped everything he was doing to reprogram his software, getting us back online within an hour.

This software is nearly transparent on our system, and requires only a few extra steps in payroll processing. We essentially forgot that it is a separate program. Without the software, we would have been forced to either enter the data twice, or to go to a different payroll system.

We would highly recommend the use of this system to anyone with similar payroll needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

John W. Oleson
Manager, Construction Services

"...the program has performed flawlessly.  I would certainly recommend them for your consideration in software development."

Michael A. Schweizer, SPHR
Director, Human Resources

"We’ve eliminated a full day of work for three people."

"It’s wonderful! Once you have all the data in one area, you push a button, and Payroll Time Export™ compiles it all into one file and downloads it directly into my payroll system and, VOILA, it’s there and ready to run."

"The end result was exactly what Deryk told me it would be."

"It works wonderfully.  I’ve had no problems with it at all.  It’s extremely easy to use."

"They were wonderful…always available when I called, day or night.  They walked me through three live payrolls until we were familiar with it"

Ms. Betsy Burge
Boca Rotan, FL

"With Payroll Time Export™, we only have to enter data once."

"It minimizes the potential for errors."

"It saves me a day’s work."

"I’m about to bring on four to five more payroll regions.  I wouldn’t even contemplate it without Payroll Time Export™"

"With the assistance of Payroll Time Export™, I’m entering the information in just one system and it automatically uploads into the other system.  If I had to key into both systems, the margin of error would be greater and the time needed would be much greater."

"The customer service has been fabulous.  I couldn’t ask for a better response."

Ms. Shirley Jolly
Houston, TX

"It was a pain to do payroll manually. Now I can do it without so much manual intervention."

"Payroll Time Export™ for QuickBooks® saves me at least four hours of labor every time I do payroll."

"The customer service was great. Deryk is very responsive."

"Everything is running smoothly. I'm glad I purchased the product and I would not want to give it up, ever!"

Mr. Bill Raczka
Austin, Texas

Ms. Sandra Davila was looking for a way to lighten her workload when it came to the often time consuming process of doing payroll. When she heard about a data bridge from Coastal Software that could eliminate the need for tedious double entry, she was very interested. She learned that Coastal Software offers several unique software solutions including one called Payroll Time Export for Timberline® that can export data directly from the Timberline® accounting software she uses into her ADP® software. Ms. Davila decided to give the Payroll Time Export™ a try.

To her delight, Ms. Davila discovered that converting her existing employee data, Year to Date Federal and State W2 balances, and setting up the new data bridge was easy. "It only took about a week and a half to get everything in place. The installation process went smoothly", says Ms. Davila who now highly recommends Coastal Software. "It was a great experience, I had no problems. Whenever I needed Coastal, they were there." In no time, Payroll Time Export™ for Timberline® was up and running and Ms. Davila couldn’t be happier about it. "It’s made a big difference in our work flow. The process is very simple and it saves me a lot of time on payroll about a 15% reduction in time." She adds very emphatically, "I would highly recommend Coastal Software to anyone with similar needs."

Ms. Sandra Davila
Austin, Texas

"Deryk was great to work with. He was very eager to get the job done quickly and correctly and was always easy to get in touch with."

"I very pleased with the conversion of our employee data from our ABRA® HR/Payroll system, and the high quality customer service we received. The transfer of data went very smoothly." 

"I would use Coastal Software & Consulting again."

Ms. Lisa Orsati
Suffield, CT

"Now we have automatic posting from ADP® to QuickBooks®. It’s just a few computer clicks."

"Payroll Time Export™ allows us to keep track of our information a lot better on our general ledger."

"The installation process went very well and I am very pleased with the data-bridge and reports that it’s performing well.  I would enthusiastic recommend PTE Bridge to others."

Mr. Roland Vonohlsen
Middleboro, MA

"Ms. Ruth Riegler wanted to switch from the Timberline® payroll system she was using to an ADP® payroll system, but wanted to avoid the pitfall of tedious double entry that would result from entering Timberline® accounting information into the new ADP® payroll system.  She received a recommendation for Coastal Software regarding a product called Payroll Time Export™ that can create a data bridge which automatically enters the Timberline® data into the ADP® system. We needed that bridge to make the transfer happen, recalls Ms Riegler.  She decided she had to call Coastal Software right away.

The process of installation was fairly simple, and with the help of Payroll Time Export™, Ruth was able to meet their deadline for shifting to the new software. It was great, says Ms. Riegler, I could contact Coastal Software any time I needed them.  Deryk was available to us at the drop of a hat.  Best of all, she says, is the fact that, Deryk is very familiar with Timberline®, and always thinks ahead to avoid any potential problems, a fact that no doubt made the whole process go much more smoothly and pleasantly. Now, Ms. Riegler is certain her job is made easier with Payroll Time Export and says she’d recommend Coastal Software to anyone with similar needs.

Ms. Ruth Riegler
Lawrenceville, NJ




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