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The versatility and adaptability of our products allows them to be used by businesses of all sizes. Currently, versions of Payroll Time Export™ are being used by a wide range of industries, including retail, consulting, staffing, wholesale, e-commerce, financial services, technology, education, non-profit, construction, architecture and manufacturing.  Read what our customers are saying.

We work hard to build strong relationships of mutual respect with all of our customers. The following is a representative list of our customers.


• American Tower • O2 Wireless
• Kvaerner Industrial Constructors • Clear Communications
• Channell Construction • McCarter Electric
• SBA, Inc. • Pacific Marine
• Westkem, LLC • Tilt-Con Corporation
• Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa • Washington Data Systems
• Teleflex Fluid Systems • Tele-Reach
• The Kensico Cemetery • MCM Corporation
• Creative Staffing • Greenberg Farrow Architecture
• Magnolia Research, L. P. • Joseph Jingoli & Son, Inc.
• Rosemount Center • Newisys
• American Constructors, Inc. • M. Louis Construction
• Thermo Power • Exhibitree, Inc.
• Cody Pools and Spas • Southington Savings Bank
• De Jager Construction, Inc • Rose City Contracting, Inc.
• Triad Construction Services, Inc. • SDV Elecommunications, Inc




Payroll Time Export for Timberline Software

Payroll Time Export for ABRA HR

Payroll Time Export for QuickBooks

Payroll Time Export for Peachtree Accounting

Payroll Time Export for eTime

Payroll Time Export for American Contractor

Payroll Time Export for Pay eXpert

Payroll Time Export for BusinessWorks

Payroll Time Export for WinTeam

Payroll Data Conversion

Web Based Payroll Time Entry

Palm Pilot (PDA) Based Payroll Time Entry

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